Monday, September 17, 2012

(un)Jolly Jacqui = perfect PR? (and lots of unreal pictures)

Saturday, I did not feel like racing.  I semi-tapered and everything.  And by semi-tapered, I mean that I didn't lift quite as much this week.  Instead of doing two days full load, I lifted two days but only 2 sets of 10 for my second day.

I planned all week on waking up ready to go PR big in the 1/2 marathon Saturday morning.  Instead, I woke up feeling sore all over, even in my arms (which generally only stay sore for a day after my lifting sessions).  Picture McKayla Maroney's face, because that's about how I looked walking out to the PowerBar mobile at 5:30am Saturday morning.

We arrived at the race and I helped Ryan set up before doing a simple 5 minute jog warmup with some drills and a single stride.  By then, it was time to race.  We all toed the line and took off.  I told myself I'd start conservatively and work my way down to my goal pace.

By the time we hit mile 1, I was second place overall (one guy, I believe a fellow Saucony Hurricane) with a 6:20 first mile.

I told myself I'd go completely on feel and only look at my watch when the mile split occurred.  As tempting as it was to just glance down, I only allowed myself to look at the time elapsed for each lap (each lap on my watch is one mile).  Most of the time, I looked down to see 4:xx, which was great as I knew it meant I had less than 2 minutes until my next mile split.

Mile 2 was a 6:03, mile 3 a 6:08.  Mile 4 was primarily on crushed limestone, which would normally excite me....except that we were zig-zagging on the path, making what I thought would for sure be a 6:30 mile.  At this point, I told myself a new goal...

"You just ran 6:11 pace in the HyVee triathlon two weeks ago after swimming almost a mile and biking 21.2miles for 25miles.  Just DOUBLE the 10k you did at 6:11 pace and you'll get a huge PR."

I surprised myself with a 6:06.  Mile 5 was looping throughout a neighborhood in a 6:02, which about gave me a hear attack.  Mile 6 was right before the overpass that we went up (and then down) at mile 3.  6:05.  I knew mile 7 would be a bit rough with the overpass, but was excited to glance down and see a 6:17 split.

My legs felt a bit tired from the overpass, so I told myself at mile 8 I could have my gel...6:18.  Yes, I need that gel.  Like now.  I decided to drink half of it at mile 8, go through with a faster mile 9 (which I did, 6:16) and "treat myself" to the rest at mile 10.

Those mental thoughts helped me get my groove back for mile 10...6:11.  At this point, we were mixed in with the 10k runners, so there was a bit of weaving in and out of people (and cars), but a 6:16 was still close to what I wanted, and a time I knew I needed to break 1:22.

Mile 12 was a 6:19, so I KNEW I needed to pick it up if I wanted to be on pace to PR still.  I kept looking and looking for the 6 mile mark for the 10k runners (it was 0.1miles before the 13 mile mark for me), but never found it.  Instead, I saw the clock...

1:20.  I SPRINTED.  I mean all out sprinted.  Ryan said he never saw me run so fast.  My Garmin showed I did the last 0.1 at 4:59 pace!

1:20:58.  6:11 pace.  1:48 PR.  Guess negativity works for me...but only because I turn it into positive energy in my run!

On a semi-related note, Ryan and I had a photo shoot the next day.  While running and biking Ryan's pace probably made me more sore than the 1/2 the day before, it was 100% worth it as the pictures are PHENOMENAL.  Check them out on my/Ryan's profile (and some below):

Both feet off the ground!

Check out this stud. 

This is how our Sunday morning began.

This is what our Sunday morning produced.

Almost keeping up with Ryan!

And finally, CONGRATS to all those who PR'd this weekend.  I know a lot of people rocked their 1/2 or full marathon at the Fox Valley Marathon.  THIS is the time of year I live for--fall marathon season.  GOOD LUCK and STAY POSITIVE :)

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