Thursday, September 27, 2012


Everyone loves redeeming themselves.  This morning was my chance to redeem myself after cutting my 6x1mile to 5x1mile.  And, boy, did I redeem myself.

Today's workout was 3x3miles at Marathon Pace (6:20ish).  I felt a little sore still last night, even in my arms.  I had been planning on getting my massage from Dave Davis at 2pm, but some wedding stuff came up and I lost that opportunity.  I was pretty upset as those mile repeats destroyed my quads and hamstrings....and lifting demolished my arms/upper body.  Heck, even my CORE was sore!!  This 4:30am wakeup to run thing was NOT sounding appealing.

And then I remembered I had a soccer game after school (PS we won in a shoot out:)), had to buy my dress for my bachelorette party this weekend, had to finish the wedding ceremony programs and had to do some school work all before heading to bed tonight.  Those things made getting out of bed at 4:20 seem logical again.

After a mile warmup, I figured it was go time.  I always do the same loop by Ryan's house (the Target loop, which I'm sure I've referenced before).  Basically it's a 2.88mile loop, so for 3x3miles, it was a pretty good choice.  Coach Cari said to run without my Garmin, but since it was still dark out, I used it and just looked at it when it would split for the mile (since it was dark, I felt kind of disoriented and couldn't remember where the mile splits were since the course is just shy of 3 miles).

I always make the first mile be the "downhill" section, which I, of course, pay for during the last mile, but I at least get a good start!  To recap, this is what I sent to Cari and Earl...

Anyway, I wore my Garmin but only looked at it when it would split a mile since I knew I'd make the route too long (I just needed to add 0.12 each time, but it's 4:30am, I don't know what 0.12 miles is!).  WOW.  Check out my splits.  I am still shocked writing this because I felt DEAD after my 5x1mile the other day.

6:19, 6:09, 6:11
6:06, 6:13, 6:14
6:13, 6:14, 6:11

The great thing was that I didn't even have any hamstring tightness like I did on the treadmill when I did this workout a few weeks ago.  I think I do a good job of maintaining good form when I run so early in the morning because it's just me and no real distractions.  As much as it stinks that I'm ready for bed at 9pm, I LOVE LOVE LOVE my 4:30am runs--just super peaceful and relaxed.  Plus, when I do well on a morning workout, I treat myself to some Dunkin coffee on the way to work;)

I'm still feeling that "high" and think that I really am ready to tackle this marathon thing again.

I do plan on seeing Dave before the marathon as I believe massage is SUCH a good component that aides in recovery.  I think that every runner should experience a TRUE massage (not from one of those foo-foo places/spas) as I really believe I can recover faster when I have massage as part of my running regimen.  Hey, if the elites do it and it helps them out, we might as well try to gain from it too:)

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