Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Being busy = success??

Two weeks ago, I had a workout that I did not want to do.  Like at all.  20minute tempo run, 20minute bike at race pace, 20 minute tempo run.  Let me be clear that it wasn't because I didn't think I could do it.  It was moreso because I wasn't sure if I could hold the second run at tempo pace since I was a bit sore from my long run which included intervals three days prior.

Imagine my (lack of) desire to do this same workout now just TWO days after a long run which included intervals.  Yeah, let's just say I didn't jump out of bed ready to workout today.  Instead, I slept in.

In my defense, my heart has been beating really fast lately.  Last Thursday, I was doing my upper body strength and I was as out of breath as I would have been after running a super fast 5k or something.  That's not normal, so I talked with Earl and Ryan and we all think it's due to lack of normal sleep.  I'm used to getting 7-8 hours, and had been getting 6-6.5 with school starting, so I've been in bed before 10 now on school nights.  I'd say it definitely made my workout ROCK tonight...

2mile warmup
20minute run tempo (6:18-22 pace)
20minute bike at race pace
20minute run tempo (6:18-22 pace)
2mile cooldown

Last week, my runs went 6:18/6:13/6:18 (3.2miles) and 6:11/6:15/6:15 (3.25miles)
This week, my runs went 6:11/6:14/6:16 (3.2miles) and 6:11/6:08/6:07 (3.47miles)

I'm going to attribute my much faster workout to three things:

1) my strength training. My body is taking SO well to the exercises and I'm MUCH stronger.
2) my nutrition. I've cut out ALL the crap and feel like I even have more energy. I'm only using GOOD food to fuel myself, and I truly think it's making a difference.
3) Ryan ran the second set with me.  I always get WAY too excited to run with Ryan and I know that comes out in my run.  However, the second set actually felt easier than the first.

While I really think being busy has been helping me get my mind off of hitting certain times/paces for my workouts, a lot of my success in these workouts has been getting proper sleep, eating well and staying on top of injury prevention.  That being said, it's time for bed.

Oh, and HyVee is totally happening.  Just booked the MegaBus ticket.  Say a few prayers (slightly sarcastic, slightly serious).

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