Friday, September 23, 2011

Longest Long Run EVER: Sept 4-10 weekly recap

Sunday, September 4: 22miles
Monday, September 5: easy 7
Tuesday, September 6: AM 4, 30tempo
Wednesday, September 7: 4miles easy (travel day)
Thursday, September 8: 9miles
Friday, September 9: 8miles
Saturday, September 10: 6miles with LTF group

I did it!!! A long run over 20 miles!!! Sunday, September 4th was the Buffalo Grove Stampede 5k/10k race that I've done since high school (on and off). This year, it was a Saucony Dick Pond Fast Track team race, so I knew a lot of my teammates would be there. I convinced Ryan (who was taking some time off of running as his legs were super sore) that we should go and support our team and personally planned to be running on the course literally encouraging them. Part of the plan worked.

I read on the website that the race started at 8am, so I planned to do one full 10k loop before the race started. Success. Everyone was ready to start and at the line when I got back....too bad it was for the 5k and I didn't know it. Turns out, they now do the 5k and 10k with separate starts. So, I got to run some with the 5kers until they turned left and I turned right about 1.5miles in. Oops. Game plan changed as I saw the first few male 10k runners and I decided to make it my goal (hey, when you're running 22 miles, you need something to think about) to not let them pass me. It worked. Even though I knew I had one 10k loop and one 5k loop waiting for me when I finished, mentally I was set to go.

A lot of the volunteers and police out on the course thought it was funny that I was running the course so many times and were amused that I had a smile on my face every time they saw me... well, duh, it's something I love to do:) Anyway, finished with an overall 2:35 for a 7:05 pace. Pretty darn happy with it and felt good throughout.

The tempo on Tuesday I anticipated would be a little rough since I didn't see Dave Davis after the 22. I wanted to, but also wanted my legs to be okay for the tempo. However, I was pleasantly surprised that I felt AMAZING. I went 6:14 (oops, too fast), 6:15 (I thought I slowed down?), 6:12 (how is this feeling so easy?!), 6:09 (whooooa) and 6:12. I just did a full 5miles instead of 30 minutes since I was at like 4.88 anyway. 31minutes total for the 5... super happy!

The rest of the week was pretty easy. Wednesday morning's run was a little exhausting at 4am, but those type of runs usually are. I was off to Rochester, NY for Wednesday and Thursday for work. Just holding back and getting ready for the Crystal Lake 1/2 on Sunday!

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