Friday, September 2, 2011

Batavia 1/2 Marathon Results

When Coach Cari told me that "when you PR, you'll PR big," she wasn't joking.

The purpose of this half marathon was for it to be used as a simulator workout: 2x6miles at Marathon Pace (6:22) with 5 minute recovery between sets.

I felt AMAZING from the beginning. Splits and recap below:

6:29 even though they changed the course, we still went up a big hill. eh, relaxed first mile.
6:18 (12:48) much better. averaging 6:24 now, good.
6:24 (19:12) well, still on target for the 6:22 goal pace, just a few measly seconds off.
6:19 (25:31) YES! back on track here. Gel time!
6:19 (31:51) only one more mile for the first half here!
6:25 (38:16) tried sticking with the pack around me too long. time for a rest!

6:34 (44:51) this was my 5 minute rest plus the rest of the mile. caught back up to the group! can't slow down too much as there is a lady right behind me, but it's okay because I feel good!

6:22 (51:13) perfect start
6:12 (57:26) woah, gaining some speed here, let's have a gel
6:29 (1:03:56) much better controlling the pace
6:12 (1:10:08) well, there was a little bit of a downhill-ish
5:59 (1:16:07) no excuse, I just was feeling really good! another gel to get through the 20 total
6:14 (1:22:22) did the volunteers really not tell me to turn on the bridge? that could cost time!
:25 for a 1:22:46

2:10 PR... holy cow!

1st place female!

I honestly can't believe how this turned out considering the 2x4mile I did last Monday was AWFUL. I guess it is true that we learn from our mistakes: I started off too fast in the first 4miler and that killed me for the second one (that and not hydrating properly I believe).

I truly felt that I could hold that pace for another 13.1, which is great to feel at the end of a 2:10 PR! I ended today's race by running with one of the guys in the group I was with for the first 6 miles and Jen, another real good female Chicago-area runner. We all had 20-milers, so it was PERFECT.

Thanks to all of my friends and family for their constant support and belief in me. HUGE thanks to my wonderful mother who spent the night at the hotel (that Ryan won a gift card for--thanks!) with me and took me to a GREAT dinner the night before. See the picture of my OSTRICH BURGER at the top of this post!

I was fortunate enough to be interviewed by two newspapers:

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