Friday, September 23, 2011

1/2 marathon disaster: September 11-17, 2011

13.1 race
62mile week
Weds-Sat in Milwaukee

Sunday, September 11: Crystal Lake 1/2 marathon
Monday, September 12: 7miles easy
Tuesday, September 13: 5mile doubles (run with mom:))
Wednesday, September 14: 6x800
Thursday, September 15: 6miles easy
Friday, September 16: 8miles
Saturday, September 17: 5miles, drills and strides

Well, a win's a win, right?

That's what people kept telling me after my performance in the Crystal Lake 1/2 marathon on Sunday. I was supposed to run it as a 26.2km simulator....yeah, that wasn't quite how it worked.

I truly felt awesome going into it and had the plan all ready to execute: 2miles at 6:30, 2miles at 6:25, 2miles at 6:20 and then GO. The first two miles of this course are on the crushed limestone path in Lippold Park. Dad told me that it started there, but I was thinking something different in my head, so running on loose limestone for the first two miles definitely fatigued my legs a little (it isn't something I'm used to unfortunately). I went 6:27/6:30. The next two were right on as well in 6:24/6:25 and I still felt okay. Then the hills came in.

My dad had told me the night before that there was just the Ballard/Haligus hill and then the one on Haligus before where you turn for Turnberry. In my head that was four hills total. Apparently they changed the course from when my dad did it, because he was even surprised at the hills. GREAT. I definitely would have had a different strategy going into the race had I known, but oh well.

I just couldn't get into a rhythm. I went 6:31, 6:41 (Ballard hill), 6:28, 6:41 (Haligus hill), 6:51 (slowed down at mile 6 to rest for a bit and told myself that I'd treat it like Batavia and just run a great second half--major fail), 6:43 (asked dad how close the next girl was, because coming in 1st was now the only goal), 6:37 (thank GOD the race is almost over), 6:16 (made it!).

On the bright side, Cari told me that another of her athlete's Garmins showed the course as 13.29 miles, so my 1:25:17 was really a 1:24/high 1:23. My Garmin lost signal in Lippold for some reason, annoying. What I did take away from this race is that I really need to know the course. Know if it's hilly, know if it has inclines, know where fuel stops are, etc.

The best part of the race was for sure Nic's performance. He ran a 1:15, shattering his former (debut) PR of 1:17ish, so I have to give him a shout-out. I'm so excited for him to run Chicago this year and crush that 2:40 barrier!

This week I was also fortunate enough to be able to split my 10mile run on Tuesday into two 5s and run with Mom:) It was so nice to catch up with her since I don't see her very often these days!

On Wednesday, I had to run my 6x800s in the morning as I was leaving for Milwaukee for an install (usually 9a-9p type days Weds-Sat) and didn't want to do it after being in a dealership for 12 hours. Unfortunately, we stayed out until almost midnight hanging out with Jerry, Katie and Carter (Ryan's brother, sister-in-law and nephew). Oh well, I've done plenty of workouts tired before, I can handle 6 800s.

I ran these on the Alexandria-Woodscreek school street.


My last 800 workout went better, but I also had sleep the night before and did them on the track. The only thing that I don't like about this course is the inclines at the end. I'm usually on sub-2:40 pace, but going either direction, I end with a slight incline that just always gets me a little tired and slows my overall average. But, I still averaged total under goal marathon pace:) :) :)

A pretty good "down" week of 62 miles. The install went really well and the manager asked me to be their Rep (give monthly visits and such), so I'm pretty happy with life professionally as well right now.

Life. Is. Good:)

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