Monday, January 6, 2014

S-No-W Fun Run Recap

For anyone who misses out on the New Years Eve parties, don't worry. S-No-W Fun Run has got you covered.

If you like running and you like partying, this is easily your favorite race of the year. Or if you like running and being with friends in a crazy yet safe environment, this is your favorite race of the year.

I've been coming to S-No-W Fun Run for as long as I can remember. My dad's running club has been going for at least the past ten years, so I would always go with my parents as well. I mean, what kid (or adult, really) doesn't want to spend the night at the Grand Geneva Resort in Lake Geneva?

Over the years, others close to me have started coming and the craziness has just picked up dramatically. The team Ryan and I run with, Dick Pond Fast Track, has been coming for a few years now and Ryan's best friend John has added even more entertainment to the party in the last two years.

Last year, John coordinated the LMFAO Party Rock Anthem dance. I'm just thankful no one has video.

Pretty awesome dance moves and costumes.

This year, with the whole passing out thing having just happened on Wednesday and a significant amount of snow accumulating over the past few days, I kind of decided to just go out and be safe. Ironman Cabo is less than 3 months away, and a silly/fun 5 mile race should not put me in a position to not be at the start line in March. 

It was a slippery start, so I did my best to stay sort of close to the guys in front of me so that I could see where to step so that I wouldn't slip as well. 

 U of I was playing...why wouldn't Ryan wear that jersey?
 People in shorts, people in short was 30 degrees, that calls for celebration!
I made sure to be dressed warmly so I wouldn't pass out again.

The temperature was SO nice that it was very tempting to run in shorts or half-tights, but after Wednesday's little scare, I bundled up as many others did. 

As much of an after-party race as this really is, I have to say it is one of my favorite races during the actual race part. I have my Dick Pond Fast Track teammates (one is actually pictured right in front of me in the picture above), my dad's running friends, and all of my/Ryan's friends and my brother's friends there. This course is pretty much out-and-back and I can honestly say there was no longer than 10 seconds between the, "Hey, there's Jacqui!" and "Yeah, go Jacqui!" cheers that I heard after hitting the turn around point. If it ever decided to be nice/not snowy/slushy for this race, I bet I could set a huge PR from the crowd support alone. Seeing runners support each other throughout this crazy 5 mile run is just one of the best feelings and reminds me why I fell in love with the sport.

Alright, enough with the mushy stuff. During the actual race, I ran with a Dick Pond Fast Track teammate for the first two miles. It was really nice having someone pushing me for that time and I was sad to lose her around the turnaround (though a little relieved since I was super scared of slipping into her...the roads were SO bad!!). Ryan ended up winning as well and the announcer knew from last year not to announce us as brother and sister :)

 Award winners!
 So proud of this guy:)
 The Giuliano crew....minus Ryan's grandpa.
 Sister picture! SO glad she could finally come with!

My blog on this race last year explains the whole Hunk Dance and Sausage Dance pretty well, and this year we had Ryan's grandpa go for the win. It was one of the highlights of the night for sure, as the Giuliano family sure knows how to get the crowd going.

Speaking of which...remember when I said this was the second year that Ryan's friend John coordinated a dance? And we danced to LMFAO's Party Rock Anthem last year and it was a huge hit? Well, John struggled to think of a real HIT of a song from 2013 until about a week before Snow Fun Run. The morning of the race, some of us learned the moves. The hour before we performed the dance, others of us learned the moves. Unfortunately, the DJ didn't have our song of choice downloaded, so we used John's phone...and could barely hear the song. However, John's enthusiasm totally got the crowd going and we all followed suit. I mean, how often do you see grown adults dancing to the song "What does the fox say?"

Costumes and all. Listen to the song and I guarantee you'll pick out all of the animals we were dressed as.

Overall, S-No-W Fun Run was again a huge success and I can not think of how we can even begin to top this next year (though I am sure John will find a way). 

I have to thank everyone who has read my blog for their care and concern. After Wednesday, I honestly was a little scared going into this race but those worries went away when I saw my teammates literally all around me during the race. The support and encouragement that you all provide me is truly unbelievable and I look forward to many more fun races together in this 2014 season. Keep training hard, and stay warm! 

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Eddie Gaul said...

Nice work. I always miss that race... there's nothing else like it and it was always a great way to meet with friends just as there is a lull in the racing scene. Nice working on your run... what was yours and Ryan's times (I haven't found the race results posted anywhere)?