Monday, January 20, 2014

2014 Racing Team Excitement

2014 is looking to be the best year of racing yet.

This past Monday, Ryan and I went to a dinner with our soon-to-be announced team. We were able to meet our title sponsor and mingle with other athletes on our now team. On Friday, you might have noticed a link that I posted. That link, when clicked, takes you to one of the reasons that this year of racing will be the best one yet.

EGO presented by Sammy's Racing Teams

This past Friday, the official press release announced a new team/partnership of EGO and Sammy's Bikes. EGO and Sammy's partnered up to support and develop athletes who are trying to reach their full potential in their sport.

Sammy's Bikes in St. Charles had been helping Ryan and I out a lot over the past year (longer for Ryan) in making sure we had the proper equipment and assisted us in terms of maintenance as well. Sammy's Bikes has a stellar road cycling team and has been working toward creating a phenomenal tri team as well.

Lucky for us, EGO came on board as a title sponsor to create "EGO presented by Sammy's Bikes racing team." Many of the athletes that are fortunate enough to be on this team fall between the categories of amateur and professional, so EGO p/b Sammy's is stepping in to help us develop into top tier athletes while still managing our full-time jobs and the other things life throws at us.

We attended a dinner last Monday and were able to meet many of the EGO staff and it was clear that they understood our passion for the sport and desire to maximize our potential. One of the EGO guys that Ryan and I chatted with even told us how he had a friend who had the potential to be a professional cyclist but did not have the opportunity based on the limited support he had.

The combined forces of EGO and Sammy's will really allow all of us athletes to pursue our dreams without having to second guess things. Check out our awesome team here and look for blog posts to be coming in throughout the season.

We will definitely post pictures of us in the race kits, but here's a little preview of the sweet jersey the road team will be representing EGO p/b Sammy's in. Can't wait to share more updates soon!

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