Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Racing recap: successful first tri back (in two years)....plus comments regarding training in the heat

This past weekend, I competed in my first triathlon in over two years.  My last triathlon was the Lake in the Hills triathlon, a sprint distance (about) literally ending in my backyard.  Jess came like the good friend she is and we've been inseparable since :)

So, I was a little nervous going into this one.  I have been swimming and biking a lot more, but I also knew that there would be THREE professional women racing with me.  Top 5 finishers in both male and female divisions would receive prize money, so I told Ryan my goal was to finish 4th or 5th.  Based on times in years past, totally achievable.  We added up what we'd predict for my times to see how I'd do...

400 swim: 10minutes (yes, slow I know, but I'm working on it:))
16mile bike: 45 minute (almost 21mph average)
3.1mile run: 19 minutes (hard course Ryan warned me; very hilly)

If I could accomplish those three and keep my transitions under 1minute each, I'd be in the money based on the past three years' times.  Sweet:)

Well. Almost everything went as planned, but a fourth fast female also showed up.  

400swim: 11:01...and then I struggled to get my skinsuit off because I was so aggravated by my time
16mile bike: 46minutes... couldn't get my left shoe on because I was so flustered with my slow transition
3.1mile run: 19:18...fastest female (including the pros!!) so I'll take it:)

I literally missed the $$ by 23 seconds. I didn't see the girl until 1/2 mile to go, so I never caught her.  I was easily going sub-6minute pace for that last 1/2 mile, but I just didn't have enough time to reel her in.  

All in all, it was my slower bike that hurt me.  My swim and run cancel each other out 90% of the time, but I was still 1 minute off of the slowest biker in the top 5 overall females.  I need to focus more on the bike from here on out, while continuing my swimming and running training.  

Yesterday (Monday) I did a hard swim workout that I picked Triathlete and Coach Jen Harrison's brain for. I told her about my being in the pool more but just not getting much faster (or so I feel) so she told me a few "staple" type swims... I hope to talk with her in more detail after Du Worlds if I continue to want to take this triathlon thing seriously.

RYAN completely rocked this tri.  He was the SECOND OVERALL MALE!! The person who beat him is a professional triathlete currently training to win Ironman Wisconsin, so coming in second to him is pretty freaking awesome.  So proud of my stud fiance:)

First tri back only became better when we saw Ryan's Aunt Lainey, cousin Alyssa and friend Oscar cross the finish line as well.  Racing with friends and family is the best <3

And finally, my last comment.... I've received a few questions/comments regarding my (and the elite kids triathlon team) training in the heat.  As long as you are HYDRATING properly and are okay with a lesser performance, training in the heat is fine.  We bring not only water bottles, but bottles filled with electrolyte drinks as well.  Elite athletes are constantly learning better ways to train, so the "heat" is nothing new.  As long as you focus on the quality, you'll perform well.  For example, if you run your "easy runs" at 7:30 pace, lowering that pace to 8:00 pace in this 100+ degree heat is okay (and expected I'd think).  I'm not (and neither are the elite kids) going out there trying to crush my workouts; I'm simply going out to get my training in and then come back in and rehydrate/refuel properly.  The heat is not something to mess with if you are not educated, but we have been doing this long enough (and have a large enough knowledge base) that we can train safely in the heat while still maximizing our performance.  

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