Tuesday, July 28, 2015

The Final Update

Guys. I created a website.

I'm hoping that this website can be an insight to those getting into the triathlon world and am hoping to do a better job of updating it with not just blog entries, but also recipes and articles that I feel are educational for beginners and pros alike. Being a teacher, I'm all about spreading knowledge so hopefully my website can do that!

Check it out: http://jacquisjourney.com/blog.html

Thanks for following me and my journey!

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Clayton Diaz said...

Hi Jacqui,
I was looking for an email to try to contact you with but couldn't find one. I'm Clay, a family man, an athlete, a writer and all around positive kinda guy. My blog is geared toward bringing awareness to braking at the aerobar position. I've installed additional braking capabilities on my aerobars and have logged over 1500 miles on them. I'm absolutely loving the added safety, increased performance and overall confidence i've since gained. Please share my blog and fan page. Thank you. :-)