Sunday, March 15, 2015

What it takes (part 2) and March Madness semi-recap.

I'm not gonna lie. That list I posted about "What it takes".... that has become increasingly more difficult to stick to as of late.

So when today's race didn't go quite as planned, despite being disappointed, I got over it. I know I am in the best (running) shape of my life right now. My coach just ran a 1:17 at the Get Lucky 1/2 marathon--a flat, fast course in the city. We are always neck-and-neck in our workouts, so I am confident that I am in 1:17 shape, which makes me believe I am on my way to 2:42 shape. (check out my March Madness recap here.

I am not writing this blog to complain about my race (Ryan, Coach Jen and Coach Dave already had the luxury of hearing me do that;)), but rather to re-evaluate my "What it takes" and add in more accountability. I have had the fortune of having people (who I know and who I don't formally know) tell me that they read my blog, so by writing this down, it holds me accountable.

If I say I am not going to indulge in cookies/candy from now until U of I, I absolutely expect (and appreciate) someone to call me out if they see a bag of gummy bears in my hand. I truly believe accountability is HUGE for anyone trying to reach a goal of any kind.

I tell my students that I don't email them and their parents when I am missing work from them to get them in trouble, but rather that I do it to hold them accountable. Being someone who is reliable (aka holds themselves accountable) will get you far in life. People appreciate that stuff. So, without further adieu, let's re-evaluate my "What it takes" list...

What it Takes
2:42:xx, Olympic Trials Marathon Qualifier

Proper training
  • ·      Follow training plan (duh)
    All good here. 
  • ·      Rest when exhausted to prevent injury/sickness
    No issues here. That Ester C stuff is gooooood...
  • ·      Roll out/Roll Recovery tool post run and bike
    <3 foam="" font="" roller="" that="">
  • ·      Strength/core is a priority to stay healthy
    Probably should do a little more core..
  • ·      Focus on form: relax shoulders, neck, arms
    Work in progress
  • ·      Run with Coach/group when possible
    All. The. Time.
  • ·      Confidence: the power of positive thinking
    Did not have this in today's race near the end...

Proper fueling
  • ·      Protein post big workouts—immediately!
    Pretty consistent with this...Thanks PowerBar!
  • ·      No stress eating!
    MAJOR WEAKNESS. Maybe I should try crying when I'm stressed instead?
  • ·      Drink 60oz or more of water daily
    Evidenced in my frequent bathroom trips anywhere I am...
  • ·      Practice portion control
    New Rule: no eating while working on things. That's when I find myself overeating because my mind isn't focused on "feeling full" but rather whatever else I am doing (grading, emailing, Facebook, etc)
  • ·      No snacking while working (avoid over consuming)
    See above
  • ·      Healthy snacks
    Portioning nuts as I type this right now...
  • ·      One “cheat” meal/snack per week. No exceptions!
    And still have it be healthy (aka dark chocolate, not cookie dough or gummy bears)

Proper recovery
  • ·      7.5 – 8.5 hours of sleep per night (quantity)
    I've been cheating my body. 7-7.5 hours is the norm. That's changing for these next 6 weeks. 6 weeks, that's all it is... I think I can, I think I can...
  • ·      Monitor REM through use of FitBit (quality)
    Yep, even when I don't like seeing 6:xx hours...
  • ·      Bed by 9pm (9:30 on Thursdays)
    GOOD NEWS: I dropped my Thursday night class so bed by 9 every night is now possible!!
  • ·      Foam roll at 8:45pm (9pm on Thursdays)
    I was not consistent in this. Going to now set TWO alarms to help fix this.
  • ·      Stop school work at 8:30pm to get in bed by 9pm
    I usually checked emails until 9pm for students. No more. It is not practical to always expect immediate feedback, so by stopping ALL school work at 8:30pm, I will also be teaching my students patience (right?!?!)
  • ·      No more “screen time” past 8:30pm
    This will help get my mind free of thoughts so I can fall asleep faster. Cell phone plugged in at 8:30, laptop shut at 8:30.

Proper maintenance
  • ·      Weekly massages
    Even got this in when in Boulder last week. Truly see the benefits of this.
  • ·      Iron supplementation
    Keeping OJ in stock now so that this will be a nightly occurrence. 
  • ·      Vitamins daily
    Easy peasy.
  • ·      Pedicures bi-monthly, toe maintenance weekly
    This will be a new blog post all together about proper maintenance... but basically no more pedicures for me.
  • ·      Compression post-workouts to reduce soreness
    All. The. Time. I wish I had a compression sponsor since I constantly do laundry to have this stuff clean and ready for use!
Bottom line here...doing the "little things" right will help me obtain BIG THINGS come April 25th. Now, if you'll excuse me, it's 8:30pm and I'm following my plan :)

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