Monday, February 2, 2015

Snow Day Updates.

Every time after I write a blog, I ask myself, "why did it take me so long to write a new blog?" and then life happens and I realize that there will never be that perfect "time" for me to blog. Lucky for me, we had a Snow Day today so the perfect time did just happen!

Since my 2015 goal post about my attempt for the Trials, a few things have happened.

First, I graduated from my Masters program. Anyone who has a Masters degree knows how much work/time goes into it...and anyone who knows me also knows that I won't settle for bad grades (even though I realize that a straight-C Med Student does still become a Doctor). Having pursued my Masters in Curriculum & Instruction with a Grade 6-8 Common Core Mathematics emphasis (I teach 7th grade math), I do feel like I gained some knowledge and ideas from earning my Masters, and my students were able to see that learning really can be a life-long process (and can produce really fun games/projects for them!). 

The fam (minus the sis) celebrating my Masters being complete!
 Beautiful present from my mom :)

WOO HOO!!! Masters COMPLETED (Official Transcript pictured above).

Second, I started a 6-month course to earn my Special Education endorsement... because with my Masters ending, why not start a new program? Only semi-kidding. Teaching math, I do see many students in the Special Education realm so I believe these three courses will help me better understand their needs and become a better teacher. I promise after this program is over in June that I will stop taking classes for a few months! 

And, possibly most important (in terms of why I blog at least!), I ran two weeks of 70+ miles. This is a big deal for the girl who would get stress fractures/reactions anytime the mileage got above 50 in college. The combination of Jen (from the triathlon bike/swim and writing schedule perspective) and Dave (not only writing my run training but also running some long runs with me) has been incredibly effective and I am getting stronger. 

71.5 miles. Longest week to date. PLUS biking, swimming and strength. Blessed.

After finishing the past few weeks of 70-milers + tri stuff, I realized I am able to do this because of all of the support I have "in my corner." I think there are obvious things/people such as foam rollers and massage therapists, but there are also other things that I plan to discuss in future blogs as I love spreading knowledge when I can. I have been compiling these ideas as I know the certain things/people that I have in my corner have helped me successfully train for triathlon and the Trials at the same time. Stay tuned for my next post, which will be on my website (see final point)...

And lastly... I am creating my own website! I hope to have it up and running soon so will post on Facebook/Instagram/Twitter when this happens. Ryan just created his so you should check it out: 


Meghan Kennihan said...

Hey Jackie....ok what is the magic pill so that you can now do 70+ miles a week... you know me and I have had the SAME issues but haven't figured them out...every time I hit 60 I get a stress fracture or injury... and I do a TON of cross-training... bike, strength, powerlifting, kettlebells everything... what changed for you?

jacqui said...

Hey Meghan! Honestly I think a big part of it was/is tri training. Strength training is more functional and preventative strength stuff versus powerlifting... a lot of body weight stuff and low weight stuff to more tone muscles rather than build them. I think finding that right balance is what helps me. I run 6 days per week, bike 3-4 and swim 3-4 and do weights 1-2 times and core 1-2 times. I know each person is different but this is the magic formula for me I think!:)