Monday, June 25, 2012

Workouts and job search recap

This week has been stressful on multiple levels.  My body was stressed with three workouts this week (yay for getting back into shape) while also starting a new core routine; my brain was stressed preparing for interviews; and my relationships with Ryan and my mom were stressed from me being stressed!

I try not to get too stressed about things and really just believe that everything happens for a reason and that God has a plan for me.  This week, that was really hard to do.  I want more than anything to be back in the classroom, full-time, with my own group of students.  It kills me that I decided to go on a different career path from last June through April, but I needed that to be where I am now.

The job hunt is hard.  It taxes you in so many ways... I don't think I've felt this tired in a long time, and I honestly attribute my tiredness to preparing for interviews (and maybe an increase in mileage and workouts:)).  I mentioned last week that I had second interviews in St. Charles, Barrington and Grayslake.  Well, two have called back.

This morning (while working on our house, actually), I received a call from Barrington... the person who got the job had experience in the same type of position.  This position was a Math Strategist, which is basically a teacher who works with the lower achieving students in bringing them up to par.  My biggest reason for going into teaching has always been to make a difference in my students' lives, so this position would have been perfect.  Unfortunately, I didn't have that "interventionist" type experience that this other candidate did, so didn't get the job.  The principal did say if anything opened up, I'd be sure to get a call, but I do have to realize that is a long shot at this point so that I keep pluggin along.

The principal at the St. Charles school I've been interviewing at is incredible.  From what I've seen in my three interviews, he is everything I could ever want from a principal.  I went to a graduation party this weekend for one of Ryan's cousins, and another cousin's fiance actually used to work for this principal (he was the one who hired her) and she couldn't say enough good things about him.  This just further confirmed that it would be a dream job to get.  Well, I could tell right away when the principal called that I didn't get the job.  He had a rough time kind of getting it out; "I just can't believe I'm calling to tell you this because I feel so so terrible..." last time I didn't get the job, it was because the team leader felt a better connection with the other final candidate (it literally came down to the two of us and the principal and APs couldn't decide)...this time, I finished in 2nd place again, but due to not as much experience. It's nice that I'm not getting jobs due to lack of experience, but still frustrating because it's something I can't do anything about.  I'm just disappointed because it really is a total dream package.  He told me that if anything came up this summer, he'd call right away, so I'm hoping secretly that something does.

The final school (Grayslake) has yet to call, so I know that probably isn't good.  This seemed like such a good fit too because it was JUST like what I came from, teaching in Woodstock for two years. 

On the bright side, I received a call from Cary Junior High today for a screening interview tomorrow.  I am very excited about this because we just moved to Oakwood Hills (basically Cary).  So, prayers thrown my way for tomorrow at 1:40pm would be fabulous.

Onto running... just a few workouts this week...*insert sarcasm*

Tuesday was 400 repeats.  10-12 and I completed 11.  It was a hot day so I wanted to be careful... I could tell I was getting hot with the drop in my times (1:19 to 1:22), so stopped at 11. 

Thursday was one of my favorite tempo workouts: 3mile tempo (3min jog) 2mile tempo (2min jog) 1mile tempo.  Not sure why I like it so much, but I do.  It even felt super easy.  I did this one on the treadmill too since it was still pretty hot/humid and windy out. 

Saturday was my least favorite of the week, partly because I didn't think it'd be as hard as it was.  2minute @3k-5k pace (1min jog) 1minute @3k-5k pace (30sec jog), 30sec @3k-5k pace (30sec jog) and then repeat again 5-6times through.  Luckily, it was overcast on Saturday morning, but the humidity still made my breathing definitely more labored.  I just did 5 sets as I could tell I was tiring, and I've never done this before, so next time I'll do all 6.  Plus, I wanted to give myself enough time to actually make myself look nice for my friend's bridal shower:)

Sunday I ran my longest long run in over two months: 14miles!!! It was the perfect day for it too.  Barely any wind, was nice.

We also did a good amount of housework on Sunday, so it was a pretty good weekend. 

Running is what's really getting me through these interviews.  I don't get too stressed before the interviews, just moreso during the waiting to hear back process.  I'm hoping this is the last week that I have to interview, but I know that everything happens for a reason and I feel like I'll have a great group of kids that I can be a positive influence on and will truly change their lives...when the time is right.  Selfishly, I'm hoping that time is this summer:)

Thanks for all of the thoughts and prayers throughout this past week...if you could keep them coming a little longer, I think I'm getting closer to landing a job and could use all of the help  I can get!

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