Tuesday, March 20, 2012

MARCH MADNESS 1/2 marathon recap...plus week in review


During March Madness. How cute is the little girl in the background?!

Monday, March 12: 3miles, 1:15spin
Tuesday, March 13: 4x2miles at 6:30, 6:25, 6:20, 6:15 workout; 60min spin later in the day
Wednesday, March 14: 8miles easy
Thursday, March 15: 8miles easy
Friday, March 16: BRICK
Saturday, March 17: Nice light hill workout with the LifeTime group
Sunday, March 18: Cary Hillstriders March Madness 1/2 marathon

To say this was a crazy week would be an understatement.

I was working in Minnesota Monday through Thursday as we FINALLY were closing on our house Friday (yes, after that whole crazy flight change situation). I chose to be lazy and sleep in with my fiance and didn't run or spin in the morning, but got my butt to LifeTime after working my 8hour day in MN. My shins were actually a little sore due to the massage on my calves.

Tuesday's run seemed like it would be perfect. It was going to be 40degrees (60+ in IL!) so I was ready for a nice workout....except I wasn't anticipating there being black ice where I would do my first two 2mile sets. After sliding all over the place (while still hitting my times I might add!), I moved it in to the treadmill which actually was the perfect shock machine. Literally. My hair was standing up the entire time I was running. So, to complete the workout at the exact paces I was supposed to was a pretty good feeling. I know I'm fitter than what the workout showed, but for the conditions (ice and shock-mill) I'll take it.

Friday morning was a brick workout. 5min run at 10k pace (6min is what Cari had me go at), 10min bike at tempo (180watts, slowed down a bit w/ the race on Sunday), 5min run at 10k pace. The runs again felt ridiculously easy. The bike effort even felt good! This workout was a HUGE success....it probably didn't hurt that I was a TAD bit excited to be closing on our house in a few hours!


Well. When your body goes from being used to running in 40degree weather to 70degree weather, it's a bit shocking. Unfortunately, the 70degree weather caused a lot of people to suffer through the hilliest 1/2 marathon ever.

I also might have been up until 11:30pm (got up at 6am) working on my bridesmaids gifts. Oops. But, the girls LOVED them the next day, so it was totally worth it. I will make sure I get more than 7hours of sleep, though, next time I do a race.

In terms of March Madness, Cari talked with me about the plan and it was pretty simple: go out and win it. Defend your title. Bring back your confidence.

On Saturday, I was able to do an interview with Wendy for Cari and as a kind of recap on Miles and Trials. Wendy actually pieced things together as a test and here is how it turned out:


Race day was okay. I started off relaxed at 6:30s, well except for mile 3 as that is downhill. Ryan decided to run some of the race with me, so I had him look a few times to see how close the next female was. I wasn't going to push myself harder than I needed to with Powerman Alabama on Saturday (yes, 6 days away). My splits are below. Nothing crazy, but it felt good to defend my title and all of my dad's running group members were just so happy. I love this race.

Ryan racing with me during the first few miles. Feeling nice and relaxed. And smiley :)

the pack near the beginning!

Happiness for many reasons: Matt ran the 1/2 successfully after being sidelined with a hammy issue just a few weeks ago!


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So proud of you, Jacqui! What a joy it was to see you racing in fine form with a smile on your face and capturing it on my camera :)