Monday, February 20, 2012


Well. The results are in.

Thanks to my AMAZING family and friends, I won Chicago Athlete of the Year!!!

What does this mean? Yes, I get some Cliff products (which might be awkward since Ryan works for PowerBar...), but more importantly, it makes me feel as though my time dedicated to solely running from December 2010-December 2011 was definitely worth it. I know I didn't qualify for the Trials, which was the original goal. I still look back at the whole process and wonder why I had to be so stubborn! If only I had listened to Coach Cari after my 2:56 Chicago 2009 Marathon when she said that I could qualify for the Trials. I had no idea what that meant really, but I only cared about duathlons because I just earned my Professional license that year.

BUT. You can't have regrets in life. Everything happens for a reason. If I had qualified, I might not be focusing on duathlons right now. If I had continued to run CIM in December with my hamstring throbbing, I could have completely destroyed that leg somehow.

So instead, I'm going to focus on qualifying by a LOT for the 2016 Trials. I'm going to put up the Chicago Athlete article in every hotel room I stay in (and take it down when I leave of course) to remind myself to get my butt out of bed every morning to get that quality workout/run/prehab/strength/core session done before work so I am fully focused on it.

Thank you again to all of my incredible family, friends and even strangers (who were encouraged to vote because of family/friends) for making this dream come true.

I promise I will not let you down. This Chicago Athlete of the Year is going to have an even better 2012 and show her appreciation for the title -- this racing season is for you!

is where the whole article is

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