Saturday, June 4, 2011

Memorial Day Weekend: Ridge Run 5k

Last year, Ryan and I ran both the 5k and the 10k as there was money in both. I won the 10k and was third in the 5k; Ryan won and got second. This year, Ryan had the same goal and I just wanted to run a good tempo.

Yep, I said it. My plan was to use this race as a tempo. Was it tough knowing that money was involved? You betcha. Especially since I was jobless at the time, I was seriously contemplating just racing. However, I know that I have big goals ahead, so racing this one wouldn't really do much for me in the long run.

Unfortunately, the 10k goes first, and it was already 80 degrees when they went off. I knew it'd be a hot one, so only did 1.25mile warmup (and drills). My plan was to run 6:10, 6:00, 5:50 to keep it at a 6:00 tempo pace but also negative split it just so I know that I can actually do that (I rarely negative split)!

Well, Columba Montes (phenomenal runner; had already won the 10k earlier this day) and another female started off at what seemed like a slower pace, so I stayed with them. We went through the mile at 6:01. Well, I figured, I'll just run 6:10 for the next mile and still plan on the 5:50. The pace slowed when we encountered a slight incline and we went through the 2mile at 6:27. I decided I would push the pace just a little, especially after seeing that there was one female in front of us.

Top three make money in this race, and I figured I might as well push a bit now and see if anyone drops. Worst case, I still finish my tempo under goal time. Best case, I get 3rd place and am $50 richer. Well, Columba did come with me when I pushed a bit and I told her that there was another girl ahead and to go get her. To me, again, it was about the tempo and not the money, so I knew I had secured third, but wanted to make Columba aware that she could catch the girls ahead of us (last year's winner as well). She didn't understand or hear me (I'm not sure which), so we finished just with each other--5:51 final mile:)

18:57. Do you have any idea how happy I would have been with that time last year, and here I just ran it as a TEMPO?! It's unreal what a difference having a coach and concentrating on solely running makes.

Hopefully, my next 5k will be under 18. Based on workouts, it should happen, but it's been pretty hot and humid lately. I guess we'll see where my training takes me!

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