Wednesday, July 16, 2008

John Kurtz 5k

Ever pay $10 for a race and win money from it? That was a first for me! We didn't really get to train too much on the Island (the longest loop we could make was .2miles), so my legs were still feeling a little tired from the race on Saturday/from not working out too much. Last year, top five won money, so that's all I was going for.

It was a windy/hot/humid day and I was not feeling well at all. I went out way too fast and paid for it at the end. Denisa C (from Michigan, comes and kicks butt and wins lots of money at all the races) was there and so was Karen Prisby from Fleet Feet, so I knew they'd beat me. Then I saw Kristin West from the Dick Pond racing team. She usually beats me by 1minute or so, so I locked in on getting fourth. After the first mile, I slowed up a bit (5:57 and not feeling well). I ran the next two miles at 6:27 pace and finished in fourth with a 19:57 time (the course was .1 long and hillly, not so much fun).

Good thing I got fourth because the awards only went three deep overall this year. I ended up winning my second money race ($150) by getting first in the 20-29 age group. Ryan's little brothers ran hard (and you could see it at the end!) but didn't get close to their PR's... it was a hard day for all of us:( Ryan's aunts and grandparents were there and cheering us on. It was nice to hear someone cheering for you the whole race, even when you are feeling bad, because it really did help me maintain focus and beat out that fifth place girl:)

Next race... FREEEEE DICK POND 5k on Saturday... GOTTA BREAK 19!

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